What is the URL for the new web site?



Why On-Line Registration?

It allows parents to enroll their players via the web.  The information collected will  eliminate 4 previous hard-copy documents. 


What is On-Line Registration?

It collects the basic information needed to manage all four age-group teams, including:  names of players, parents, emergency contacts;  contact information (phones, emails);  USA Field Hockey Number;  playersŐ date of birth; etc.


What does On-Line Registration cost?

There is a $2.25 administration fee that is used to update the data bases, maintain the  computer servers, and pay for technical support.


What is On-Line Payment?

The ability to pay fees on-line using a credit card.


How does On-Line Payment work?

During On-Line Registration you will be asked what PROGRAM (e.g. what team and what season, or special tournament) you wish to register for.  You will be given the option of paying with VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, or CHECK(Cash).


Do the credit card companies charge anything?

Our service agreement calls for a service charge of 50 cents, PLUS .209% of the amount charged.


What if I want to pay with check or cash?

During the Registration and Payment process you may choose to pay with check/cash.  Your registration will NOT BE COMPLETE until your High Voltage Rep has received your payment.


How do refunds work?

ALL refunds will be paid via CHECK from High Voltage.


Is my information secure?

The service provider uses the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocols.


How will my information be used.

Registration data will ONLY be used by High Voltage to facilitate team organization and tournament registration.  High Voltage WILL NOT SHARE ANY DATA.


Are there other features on the new site?

We have added a Logo-Shop for you to buy High Voltage logo spirit / wear.  We hope to maintain the Calendar feature up-to-date.